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2450 A AVENUE, OGDEN, UTAH 84401

Fort Buenaventura was built in 1846 by Miles Goodyear on the Weber River. In the time since, the Fort has become much more than a historic site; it is a premier outdoor recreation destination.


The Fort is host to the Fort Buenaventura Mountain Man Easter Rendezvous, OFOAM's Ogden Music Festival and numerous educational trips for children. In 2021, the Fort hosted the PDGA Disc Golf World Championships. 

Facilities include picnic area, pond, community fishery and an 18-hole championship disc golf course. 


Fort Buenaventura offers a wide range of amenities for outdoor recreation. We gladly accept reservations for the use of our group camp areas and facilities, particularly for large groups. Family reunions, corporate picnics and clubs will find our facilities suitable for a wide variety of activities.

  • Picnic pavilions to accommodate 120 people

  • Group camp sites

  • Limited electricity available (fee required)

  • Potable water

  • Restrooms

  • Showers (fee required)

  • Fires allowed in designated areas

Please click the  button at the top of the page to visit Sportsites to reserve. There are no individual sites at Fort Buenaventura. If you do not have login credentials on the Sportsites website, then create an account by registering on the same page.


Hands-on lessons in the history of the Fort, fur trappers, Utah's Native Americans and pioneer settlers such as fire starting, black powder and trapping.

Offered the second Friday of May each year. There is no cost, but you must have a reservation. Space is limited. 


Call us at 801-399-8230 to make your appointment.



Fort Buenaventura is home to a world-class, professional 18-hole Disc Golf course. This championship-level course is one of the best disc golf courses in the nation.


The Fort Buenaventura course features lots of shade, challenging shots and dense vegetation. It was host to the 2021 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships. The course is open to the public, except on the few occasions that the park or course is closed for a private event; the fee is $4 per player. 

Disctracted, a fully-stocked disc golf professional shop, is also located at the Fort.


Located on an 84-acre river tract of land near the Weber River, the fort symbolizes a period of western history that was the transition from nomadic ways of the Indian tribes and trappers to the first permanent settlers in the Great Basin.

Fort Buenaventura was built in 1846 by Miles Goodyear, and became a rendezvous destination for traders and trappers alike. In modern day, the Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men "endeavor to learn, through study and experimentation, the history and skills of the individuals that occupied North America prior  to 1840, emulate their way of life through the many different personas  that existed in these time periods and share that knowledge with all interested parties." To learn more about the Mountain Men activities at the Fort, please visit:


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